LegalMed offers advice and can represent your defence in business or criminal, debt chasing and lease related litigations, in addition to other Spanish Court related matters.

We are always available to provide assistance in the event of any disputes with third party individuals or companies in Spain.

Once we have gathered all relevant information regarding the issue at hand, our solicitors will research your case thoroughly and assess the feasibility of defending your interests.

Following the initial stage, we will begin negotiations with the other party, acting as mediators with the purpose of finding an amicable solution that meets your requirements, while avoiding the excessive costs arising from court action and saving you time and money.


At LegalMed, we offer a comprehensive service during any conflicts that may require professional advice. For example, if a tenant has defaulted in its lease payments, we can assist you with the negotiation or the eviction proceedings. Or in case you want to terminate a business agreement and you need to assess your options, in the event of any issues with a product you have ordered, mortgage issues, etc. We provide advice regarding the different options available and proceed as required in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding your options.


These types of clauses were included in many mortgage agreements until recently to guarantee the minimum monthly interest rate payable to lenders. In this manner, regardless of the Euribor rate reviews, your monthly mortgage repayments would not decrease, although they could increase.

LegalMed experts will review your mortgage agreement and your property’s title deed to provide guidance regarding potential options to file any necessary claims, advising and assisting you also during the negotiations with your lender.


A procedure to settle and cancel debts and liabilities to release a debt.

This is usually requested in the case of mortgages where the borrower is unable to meet the monthly repayments. Therefore, a negotiation is held whereby the property is transferred to the lender in exchange for release from the debt assumed by the former.

LegalMed experts can advice you throughout the process and assist with any negotiations arising from transferring your property to the lender.

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