This is one of the most requested aspects of law within Spanish legislation.
With such an extensive amount of applicable legislation including so many different aspects, expert guidance and advice from Civil and Family Law professionals is highly indispensable, particularly with regards to marriage dissolution, co habitation and other parental relationship issues.

LegalMed professionals are able to manage and process satisfactory agreements for all parties involved in the event of divorce litigation or by mutual consent, including the consequences for any underage children, marriage partnerships regime modifications and settlement, pre nuptial agreements, dissolution of cohabitation disputes, etc.

A profound knowledge of civil legislation is particularly important when dealing with marriages held abroad. For that reason, being able to receive specialised advice such as that provided by the team at LegalMed is an essential requirement that must be met accordingly.

Another aspect that generates the most number of consultations is that relating to parental relationships, particularly in regards to wills, probate and inheritance. In these regards, our experts will undertake a thorough review of each case in order to find the most satisfactory way forward for all heirs, both in terms of property and taxation.


Financial agreements prior to marriage are private documents that are usually drafted in the case of future spouses with privately held personal wealth.

This document therefore provides a breakdown of their assets and indicates their future allocation in the event of marriage dissolution and the settlement of any financial regime selected at the time.

In order to ensure that all legal aspects involved in these private agreements are considered, we recommend obtaining expert advice such as that available from LegalMed.


In case of separation or divorce without mutual agreement, and for the duration of any negotiations, there are a series of different conflicts that may arise. In these cases, it is recommended to engage the assistance of family law professionals who will satisfactorily resolve any disputes.
This is to ensure that legality is guaranteed at all times in matters involving inheritance, probate, visiting rights, home rights, etc. For that reason, you can always trust on LegalMed‘s professional team.


Although the divorce process has been greatly simplified, particularly when there is mutual agreement between both parties, it is still a lengthy, difficult process. It involves each party engaging the services of a solicitor to decide and reach a consensus in vital matters such as parental relationships, maintenance payments and asset distribution.

For this reason, LegalMed‘s expert Family Law solicitors are on hand to lead you through all the paperwork needed while providing advice when it comes to negotiating the terms and conditions in regards to:

  • Underage children custody, as well as the corresponding visiting rights.
  • Payment of maintenance orders and extraordinary expenses aimed to provide for any underage children’s needs.
  • Compensation payments, where applicable.
  • Right of occupation of the family home, according to the agreed terms and conditions.
  • Assessment of matrimonial assets and their distribution.


When a matrimonial partnership is dissolved, this implies the end of any financial relationship between the spouses.
It usually coincides with the marriage dissolution, although it can also take place when the couple decide to modify their marriage’s financial regime (i.e. from holding shared matrimonial assets to separate assets). After the agreement is signed, all current and future assets belonging to each of the spouses will automatically become private.

LegalMed experts can guide you throughout the process and assist with any paperwork arising from the fair allocation of assets and liabilities.


LegalMed team includes a team of experts with wide experience in the management of wills, probate and inheritance. In order to manage the assets and rights of a deceased person, it is essential to engage the services of a solicitor who shall provide advice to their heirs and guarantee that the entire process is dealt with properly.

Our team of professionals can provide the following services:

  • Will writing and modification: At LegalMed, we have wide experience in will drafting and execution for both Spaniards and foreign individuals. Having a will provides you with the peace of mind to ensure that all your wishes will be granted, saving your heirs time and money in the event of death.
  • Legacies: Is it better to give away my assets while I’m alive or in a will? We will research every individual case to provide the best advice.
  • Inheritance and probate: What does the Spanish “legitime share” consist of? How can I find out if there is a will? What to do if there is no will? How do we proceed if the heirs are not in agreement? Please contact us so we can assist you in clarifying any queries.
  • Inheritance tax: Our tax department are on hand to advise you throughout the process.

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