At LegalMed, our conveyancing team are experts in the Spanish legal system in order to provide comprehensive, professional and independent consulting services concerning all type of conveyancing transactions to both individuals, real estate agencies, developers and both national and international firms. Likewise, thanks to our multi disciplinary team, we can also complement our conveyancing advice with an overview of all other aspects of law that may be affected (taxation, international, labour, administrative, etc.).

Our multi language and multi disciplinary team are able to deal with each case in a personalised manner to ensure that our customers are supported throughout the process and in all areas concerning the real estate sector:

  • Property conveyancing

  • Leases

  • Dissolving jointly property ownership

  • Debt collection and eviction

  • Agreement drafting


If you are considering purchase or selling a property, our Spanish conveyance law experts are able to provide any advice required to ensure total peace of mind throughout the process.

What are the steps required to purchase a property? Have you checked if the property has any outstanding charges and its urban planning status? What do you need to know when preparing or checking the exchange of contracts? What are the costs involved in a conveyance transaction? What annual charges are payable after purchasing a home in Spain? What is the Foreign ID number? Do you have a Spanish bank account? Do I need to take out a home insurance policy? How do I apply for finance? What is the property register? How do I apply to become a resident in Spain and what are the types of residence available?


At LegalMed, we have a comprehensive consulting service available when deciding to lease or rent a property or premises, or in the event of any issues with your existing lease.

We will draft and check your rental agreement for complete peace of mind and provide advice regarding both parties’ rights and obligations.

We can also help you chase outstanding lease payments and advise you in the event of a potential eviction.

What is the minimum lease period? What does the guarantee deposit cover and how much should I charge? What are the tenant/leasee’s rights and obligations? What are the landlord’s rights and obligations? When should I chase any outstanding lease payments? What is the fast eviction process?


Do you want to bring a close to your joint property ownership held with other coheirs, your ex partner or other individuals? We can help you terminate your joint property ownership either via notary or court proceedings, if required.

What does joint property ownership mean? How do you dissolve a joint property ownership? What can I do if one of the owners refuses to sell?


Lease payment default is one of the biggest fears for any landlord.

Although there are a number of rights and obligations arising from each lease agreement that affect both parties, receiving prompt payment from the tenant in the agreed manner is the main concern for any landlord.
How can you be protected from lease payment default? What to do in case of default?


Although we are aware that every situation is different, at LegalMed we offer a personalised agreement drafting service that adjusts to your needs. We also offer the possibility of signing your agreement at our offices for further peace of mind during your transaction.

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