Our urban planning department provides qualified consulting services in terms of planning, management, execution and discipline to both Public entities, private companies and individuals. For that purpose, we prepare reports, undertake legal reviews, carry out negotiations and represent our customers while establishing each property’s liabilities in any types of proceedings involving all aspects of urban planning.

LegalMed’s urban planning legislation experts will provide guidance and advice in matters such as:

  • Drafting plans, schedules and any urban planning documents required to develop any type of construction.

  • Legal advice in expropriation proceedings.

  • Representation services in any management and urban planning negotiations with Public Authorities and Bodies.

  • Establishing property liabilities.

  • Advice and representation in issues involving compliance with coastal and roadside legislation.

  • Building works permit, first occupancy, premises and business licenses.

  • Urban legality restoration proceedings.

  • Sanctioning procedures.

  • Building condemnation and rehabilitation.

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